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W I S D O M | The Shoe Tale

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Yaaay! Today’s is my dad’s birthday and it was definitely an awesome start of the day, as  he went jogging. How cool is it to say your dad went jogging? We then sat together for devotion and he shared how happy he was ‘cos he just got a phone call from his mom (my grandma) who told him he was actually born on a Tuesday. Super! He also shared that all of his kids (including me) were all leaders of some sought as a trend of being existed in the family. Well, I know W I S D O M is not yet mentioned in this post, but here’s a story my dad shared too:

A man walked into a shoe store to get himself a pair of shoes. He looked at the shelf and went shoe-surfing for a couple of minutes, having things like: color, shape, style, compatibility, texture, and other factors on his mind. He then finally settled for a particular pair and asked the shoe attendant to help bring it down. Well it was quite high up the shelf, so it called for a fuss, as it took about twenty minutes for a joint effort of the store’s two attendant to get the shoes down.

The man then tried it on and it didn’t fit. The first store attendant said – “Your legs are too big for the shoe“, and the man looked disgusted. In haste the second store attendant said – “I just think the shoes are too small for your legs“. The man eased up and nodded in agreement and asked for another pair of shoes.

They both said the same thing, but in different context. It took wisdom for the latter to make known the obvious. U dig.

Happuna! Shoelessness!


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July 27, 2010 at 10:49

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