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Hello AIESEC Turkey; This is Nubi from AIESEC 9ja!

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Making a mind-call from the @Lagos: Local Training Seminar to @East Med

I came into Nigeria ending of June for my summer internship which was required for graduation, only to meet a  LR-AIESEC rush which has been keeping me in high-spirited since then. First AIESECer I met happens to be the current Communication manager (NST-IM Crew 10100) – Olumide. He invited me to an entrepreneur-seminar. Fortunately for me in attendance was the MCP – Abraham Iyiola and the MCVP-ER – Jean Suhas.  As if it was not enough, I met with the rest of the MC-Crew and Alumni, that same night. at an hang-out.

Coming down to the local level – AIESEC Lagos, I went to caravan and the first person I’d see was the LCP – TomLord, and then the LCVPs. Haba! Too many LRs. Where are the members? I was then na to work with the LCVPTM – Notey, the TMD – Medex Deyanz; as it was recruitment time for the LC, and before I knew it, I was on the OC team and then FACI team for the Local Training Seminar (which for the first time was done in an off-university location: Snake Island).

Mehn! My @XP just went into another gear. It was an amazing XP for me, meeting other FACIs: LCP (Ife) – Dapo, LCVP-X (Ife) – Gbemi, Interns from Austria and Greece – Pamela and Nikos respectively, e.t.c. I saw myself in the new recruit, and it was really fulfilling having to share my XP and knowledge with them, as well as gain from the Top-Talents in the house too.Induction and trainings were awesome too, and I got my first 2 mentees – who I’m mentoring virtually now.

Yay! I was also at the NTS – the AIESEC Nigeria National Training Seminar in Abeokuta (Otta). Meeting with people like Odunowo Tobi – Chair of the Conference, as well as LRs from all over the country, and members alike. Reminded me of delegate-XP as a newbie at – ATEMCO (AIESEC Turkey Educational and Motivational Congress) 2009, which I considered the final rite-of-passage into the AIESEC cultural society. So I heard AIESEC Nigeria needed an NST team, and what did I do?
Thanks for the likes of Abayomi Ogundipe – MCVPICX and Elema David – AIVP Country Development, who inspired me, I applied as a virtual member of the NST-IM Crew as the creative director, and did get the gig or should I say opportunity to bring something to the table. The summer quickly came to an end, and my last place of visit was the MC-Office to bid the AIESEC MC Team (including the NST colleagues) farewell.

To tell the truth, those 3 months in AIESEC Lagos (Nigeria) were the prime of my XP in @! Perhaps, the reason I look forward to applying for MCVP for 1112 Term. Until then I am currently trying my best in creating the Nigeria-Turkey connection as regards project-based exchanges.

Hello ADA! This is Nubi from Lagos, Nigeria!

Happuna! AIESECness!


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July 28, 2010 at 18:53

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