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The AIESEC Journey…..

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People say thing like, “Best day ever!” or “Best food ever!” and I just sigh ‘cos I didn’t believe it was possible to have the best thing ever instantenously. Well I was proven wrong @ the 7th EastMed AIESEC Local Congress, last weekend. It was the BEST WEEKEND EVER!

A 3rd attempt @ joining the AIESEC Family sure was worth it and I have to admit that I learned more than I was hoping to. My expectations were met and over-passed. Thanks to the OC and Members who kept pushing and keeping me in check. I do know the path that lies ahead is a wonderful one. Only wish I had started a little earlier. 

Made a lot of new friends, cultural exchange was obviously starring at me in the face, and I got the opportunity to do what I loved the most – performing music to a happy audience. I sure hoped time slowed down but then, does it? 

Looking forward to ATEMCO – in December @ Izmir. Turkey. I got a feeling it’s going to be awesome. I do pray it falls on a good time of the semester though. So I took my first step in the journey of a thousand miles. All I can hope for is to get to my desired destination.

Happuna! AIESECness!


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November 9, 2009 at 10:26

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