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A phoneless weekend ( Trace back )

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Hey people! How is it going? Sure been busy like a bee for quite a while and I think it’s going remain so until the end of this month. The cold is finally setting in and gotta start sleeping with my sock on and blanket wrapped about me body. But then a few weeks ago I was praying it rained, ‘cos the sun was still scorching in the ‘EMBER’ months.

Well, I did have a phoneless weekend and it was not funny at all. I lost my phone on Friday and didn’t find it until today. I woke up late since Monday ‘cos I had no phone to set my daily alarm. But then I thought had and TRACED BACK my steps on that fateful Friday – because I lost the phone in a thirty minutes window. Fortunately, I found it where I left it – the secretary’s office.

Well, some good came out of this phase, as I got to unlock my Alcatel music phone which I can now use instead of buying a new phone and an mp3 player. Ce la vi.

Happuna! Sogukness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

November 4, 2009 at 13:56