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2010….it begins

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Yeah, first post of the new year – 2010! I tell everyone, it’s sure going to be an amazing year. I feel it in my bones. So I’ve been coming across many themes, catch-phrases, new year resolutions, and just new stuff people are saying. Some of them interesting, some just for morale boosting, but then I have set some for myself.
Here are a few:
Catch Phrase: Start to finish!
Years’ word: Accomplishment
Color: Shades of Purple
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Pop rock, Aternative rock, Soul
I also made some new year resolutions (you know those stuff we say and don’t really look at after Feb 15th). Well I do hope I keep some of them. Yeah, I hope I actually keep 2 of ’em. If I got those two right, I think others would fall into place. Which 2? C’mmon! It’s personal… respect the boundaries 😀
Alright folks. I wish you all an amazing year, because this is a unique year and it’s gonna be like no other! Like it could be! Hello! We cannot have another 2010! So I urge you to make the use of it!
Lot’s of love from kinda-still-warm-in-winter-island
Happuna! NewYearNess!

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January 4, 2010 at 18:48

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