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a confused mind slows u down

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Hey people! Looks like I got back one part of me – the writing part of me that was on vacation since summer time. Well the cold have started to set in, so I guess it had to choice but to return to it’s shelter. All things seem to be going well, except me having to get myself some gadget – from kitchen hardwares to computer softwares. But then she came along to distort that balance I held to dearly.
Call it a misread or misinterpretation – if they don’t mean the same thing. But then what do I do? Do I play along and take her misread to my advantage or tell her to turn the book down side up and read again? Well I have not given my response till now and don’t plan on giving any until she comes to self realization – if it doesn’t take too long.
Yeah! The mysterious me is back. The half-mouth talker has just resumed his duty post and all you gonna get from reading this, is to be in my state – a confused mind. Hope it doesn’t slow you down in reading the next post.

Happuna! Confusedness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

October 16, 2009 at 10:12

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