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Happuna! Mehn!

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Wow… it’s really amazing the way the wheel’s turning. Finally gotten my MCSA + 2 MCTS on top (for the microsoft people). What next on that line? Upgrading to MCPIT (Insallah). The semester has starting to pick up momentum and so must studying as it’s a critical one. 

Looks like Y.E.N.I.’s out to work, as we may be having our first GIG at the Orientation Day Festival on the 16th of October. Yeah! Watch out for that. Looking forward to performing a self-composed song “My life is cok guzel.” 

What else? Yeah, I got a good job for this semester, with the System Support department of the Computer center. Going to be working with some awesome people, while gaining lots of soft skills. Wow! Had to say that again. It’s really some amazing semester for me and I hope it stays this way or better yet elevate with time.

Ok! Folks! Thats the news in one post.

Happuna! Guzelness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

October 9, 2009 at 15:46

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