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Do these footballers deserve what they earn?

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Well this is much of an issue I try not to involve myself in alot of times, but then a friend made a remark some days ago which got me thinking. We gather at a friends’ every evening (started this summer) to play some soccer on his X-box console – well I’m more of a spectator and commentator and off-side caller, ‘cos I don’t know how to play with pads. Yeah! I know! Weird! But I’ve been brought up with computers all my life so I play all games with keyboard and Joystick.

Well that’s an issue for another day. So on this fateful evening, we were having a tournament and it was a match between Manchester united and Barcelona. Well if you are up-to-date about this summer’s transfer market, you’d know that C. Ronaldo left Man Utd to Real Madrid for a fee of 80 Million Pounds – a world record. So when the ball got to C. Ronaldo who is still in Man Utd in FIFA 09, he shouted “80 MILLION”.

So, does he worth it?

Happuna! Soccerness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

August 1, 2009 at 15:18

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