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gbis gbas… shallalalalalalalala…. mikovo aves mahinah. saleyele apres mocosho dongoyaro. Yeepa, mori aplexivacial…. nitori pe mo lo gbagbami youru. sofu waon ho… olo so pe mi o le se why does he say that kind of thing. yeeee! yiori o mo pe mo le see anythihng ti mo fe se lai gbadun.

I am sorry if the first paragraph don’t make any sense to you, but that’s how I roll when I want to express myself at full lenght. I mix up sounds and words and I tried to put down those sounds for the first time. I do this especially when fustrated or taken to the wall on some issues or descisions or plans that I have.

Well, I am just getting some kinda discouragement from expected and unexpected individuals on something I set out to do. She even thinks I am doing it for the wrong reasons. She really took the piss. I understood his ignorance and limited bandwidth of thinking, but she got me cold when she said those words.

Happuna! Singularliness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

June 18, 2009 at 20:35

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