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21 things I love about u

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The number “21” is made up of two primes – “3” and “7”. The former represents completeness – the trinity; the spirit, the body and the soul; the sun, the moon and the stars; while the latter i.e “7” represents perfection. Now Imagine a product of this two numbers “3” x “7” = “21” complete and perfect. And here is 21 things i love about you.

01. Ur Smile – lightens me up when I’m down
02. Ur Voice – calls out for an awakening within me
03. Ur Hair – strands of beauty, strands of hope
04. Ur Feet – swift to move to the music in the air
05. Ur Countenance – says all that is needed to be heard
06. Ur Soul – selfless and accommodating in nature
07. Ur Spirit – lifted and lifting others as well
08. Ur Achievement – setting the standard
09. Ur Aspirations – setting a goal and achieving it
10. Ur Hands – gliding through the air with lovely rhythm
11. Ur Eyes – piercing through the depth of my heart
12. Ur Ear – ever laid down to the whispers of concern
13. Ur Values – as firm as the supreme court 😀
14. Ur Attitude – evident on ur altitude
15. Ur Talent – where do i start from?
16. Ur Composure – a model even for me to emulate
17. Ur Story – one that I hope would be told for ages
18. Ur Gifts – not to contend with
19. Ur Skills – accomplished in every endeavor
20. Ur Life – all and more about you
21. Ur Love – trying really hard to earn it.

“21” – complete and perfect. You are complete, you are perfect, you are beautiful and that’s why I love you.

Happuna! Princessness!


Written by Nubi Kayode

June 13, 2009 at 22:28

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