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U wanna see d Sun? – Open up your eyes!

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You think you are alone, or that you not getting the needed attention.
You walk down the road, only wishing for a stranger to smile at you

Well here are some facts, you should always remember at these times

It takes just a split second to find one that loves you for who you are

It takes takes a minute for one to appreciate you for your personality

It takes an hour to create mutual acceptance on feelings for each other

It takes a day to express one’s love as not being superficial but true

It takes a week to look into the eyes of that person you love and smile

It takes a month to try to figure how lucky you are to be in love

It takes a year to see if what you’ve got is the love that stands time

It takes a life time to explore the boundless limits of what love brings

So for every passing second, you lose a lover. For every passing minute, you don’t get appreciated. Every hour to goes by, all you get is a lonely feeling. As the day rolls by, you find yourself disbelieving in Love’s existence. Then the weeks come along to see you watching lovers walk by. The months don’t stay long to help matters, because the years only make you feel older. What life time would that be – a life time without love? A wise man once said – ” You cannot see the sun, if you don’t open up your eyes…. don’t let true love pass you by”

Happuna! Openness!


Written by Nubi Kayode

June 3, 2009 at 10:02

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