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Quadsome: Reloaded – Dem Identities I

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OK people! Commercial break is over, so let’s get back to the show. “Last time on Quadsome“….. hahahaa…. sounds familiar right? Well this ain’t some series of Lost or HIMYM. So amma cut to the chase, the last time was an introduction on the Quadsome word and how it evolved. Now as you might have figured, it’s gonna be about the players involved.

I tried so hard to avoid using the word “players”, ’cause, it ain’t no game. But then the show must go on, and here are the contestants:…. Me! Me? Yeah! Me! Me – Nuri Pasa. You could refer to me as the primary contestant(player) on tonight’s Show: Who wants to be a quadsomenaire! :)) Well here is a little info about the situation surrounding my participation:

I’m Nuri Pasa and if you have been following the Happuna!, you would have read somewhere that I got some issues with how many I get to like, love, crush on, or anything you call it – at a time. Yeah! Some say it’s Casanova, or being a “player”, but I don’t see it as the thingy here. It’s just natural – “man is a polygamist – commitments and disciples turns him into a monogamist”

Well I’m still in the first phase – polygamy, and thus have the affinity to like, love, crush on, more than one person, so it ain’t hard to figure out how I found the new spotlight – QUADSOMEgamy. So that’s my story…….. (to be continued)

Happuna! Sleepiness!

HIMYM – How I met your mother

Written by Nubi Kayode

May 28, 2009 at 12:57

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