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I know you all are gonna be expecting me to continue from where I left off, but amma just elude the quadsome-thingy for now. Deal with it! Let’s say I am giving those far behind (asper processing speed) time to catch up, and for those with 4GB RAM, let it sink in. So Happuna!

I saw her from the bus window and all she did was bring back a personality that has her name on marble. Her dark thick hair – waxed with the threshold of bristle, flowing down from her crown through her back to her back-waist line. Her blown out blouse, covering that body that she longs to make seen. Her baggies – makes her look short even though we compete in height, and her Converse – shoes ………

We met at Istanbul and were like Screw ‘n Nut. I was unable to fathom this until I saw we shared D.O.Bs – 2 Aquariuses at a port-city, what would you expect? I took her for many things, but then on our next meeting, she dazzled me with other aspects of her personality. I never saw them coming – not even a clue.

She’s awesome, She’s free, She’s a voyager, She’s Beautiful, She’s got aspirations, She’s a wanderer, She’s Aquarius, She’s a snake, She’s February, She’s brave, She’s an explorer, She’s hot, She’s hmmmmmmmm………

Happuna! Ulkuness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

May 27, 2009 at 10:38

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