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Taking the stage – EEE Electric Shock Party

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Am I nervous? Definitely! Am I scared of flops? Who wouldn’t be? Am I gonna go through with it? Haba! I can’t back out now. What’s my greatest fear in this? Not getting it right! Who are my afraid of the most? That’s gotta be myself. Who or What else is gonna be involved? Hmm, a lady and a piano. 

Yeah! A lady and a piano. Well, let’s say an electric keyboard on “01 Grand piano” tune, and probably but not definitely a lady. So what the hell is the occasion? I have been given an invite to perform at the annual “Electric Shock Party”, at the EEE department of my university. Yeah, the Who’s who are all gonna be there; my friends and colleagues are gonna be there; and definitely people who would like to see me flop -esp me! 

Well, I am gonna be doing 3 or 4 songs. 1 is going to be an instrumental – my favourite Turkish song, and the rest are gonna be in English. So If you wanna come see, join me at the Elect Elect Engineering Garden at 19.00. Come see me flop or rock 🙂

Happuna! Stariness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

May 22, 2009 at 10:07

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