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Time: Past, Preset, Future – Yesterday, Today, Tomorow

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We gotta know that the past is the past. Things we did to make it our past were the things we did when those pasts were our present. Now we are in our present. We shouldn’t use it talking, commenting, lamenting, growling about the past. Doing that only makes tomorrow a time for wailing about our present. Now if tomorrow comes and we look at our present, we will see ourselves complaining of our past. At that time tomorrow becomes our present and today our past.

So stop! Take quick look at the past, and live the present for tomorrow. So when tomorrow comes (it’s not so far off), you can look at this present which will then be the past, and take a deep breathe of accomplishment. We are what we are now by what we did and will grow to become what we are now. It’s a chain reaction. The dominant time frame determines the outcome.

 – the past being dominant either makes u one that cherishes past glory (keeps u stagnant) or one that wails about past misfortunes.

 – the future being dominant makes u one that day dreams or makes u over ambitious

 – the present being dominant makes you, a person of the moment, a realist, and normal being.

But having to take the right quota of each time frame – least from the past, more from the future and most from the present, turns u to a force to reckon with. I hope you get my drift and do what’s right today.

Happuna! Timeness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

May 13, 2009 at 18:35

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