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There will be heat!

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I saw a movie some years ago. It was titled “There will be blood.” It was an horror movie and was really scary. I saw the movie on a cold night and the fright got the chill to my spine. I then noticed recently getting the same feeling any time I think of how I am going to spend my next summer. The chill at my spine is now replaced with a burning sensation. If you don’t know what I mean until now, you gotta ask those who have spent the whole summer on the island of Cyprus. MAHASHALAHASHBAZ!

I got just one word for you….. it’s always “damn HOT.” Ok that was two words, but I just couldn’t let the three letter word slip through my pressing fingers with any form of augmentation or amplification. Well one’s gotta do what ones’ gotta do. But No way! I am just gonna be here if need be. Well let’s live in the moment for now. Summer would worry about itself, but I’m sure getting prepared – hoping for the best, preparing for the worst!

Happuna! Hotness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

May 12, 2009 at 16:43

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