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Glory Glory Man United!

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Yeah people, I am taking a break from the usual pattern – that’s if there is one. I am celebrating with SAF and the rest of the One Utd crew on their and our success over a rival at the European frontier. It was as SAF wanted. It was as Edwin Van Der Saar said it would be. SAF was really worried over conceding an away-goal, and said “I will be excited to go to Emirate with a 1-0 lead.”But Van Der Saar said he would make sure no ball, went past him – least not into the net. 😀

And that was exactly what happened. The red devils dealt with The gunners in the 90 minutes of game with a possession of 62-38 to 68-32. It was an all-round demolition. I still wonder why we didn’t win by a far more goal difference. Maybe a courtesy call or just……. But then I the surprising is the goal itself – as it came so early in the game from an unexpected player, a defender by the name John O’ Shea. 


Happuna! Goaliniess!

SAF – Sir Alex Ferguson (Man Utd’s Manager)
The Red devil – a Man Utd alias
The Gunners  – an Arsenal alias


Written by Nubi Kayode

April 30, 2009 at 00:23

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