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I wanna do what makes me happy Pt. I

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How many of you readers have seen the movie – “The pursuit of happiness.” Yeah I guessed so. It was one of Will’s movie that really inspired me. Another is “seven pounds” but I’ll leave that for another day. So what did  I pick from this movie? It was not the first time I had come across the phrase – ‘pursuit of happiness’. I first heard or read the phrase from the declaration of independence of the United States of America. This document was signed by a number of government officials including John Hancock. Yeah! That’s another movie by Will Smith.

The pursuit of happiness was seen as the prime of man’s search on earth or in every life time. It starts from the first breadth until that time you find it. Sometimes you never find at. In that case, the search ends with you last breadth too on earth. Maybe the search continues in the after-life (:
But then the fact is that we all are involved or better still are engaged in this race, this pursuit of happiness. Some might not agree, but voluntarily or involuntarily, we are all running this race. The race of life – the pursuit of happiness.

I will stop here today and continue tomorrow. But I want you to evaluate your life or what you been doing all this while and see if it’s not directed toward the course. The course – the pursuit of happiness. I hope we all get to find what we looking for. Good luck again to everybody having exams now and in the near future.

Happuna! Happiness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

April 28, 2009 at 09:31

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