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Grand finale

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Happuna! Yes the final curtain fell yesterday as I departed the city of Students aka the Old City aka Eskisehir. It was indeed an experience. A little update from where I last stopped. I told the my last full day was gonna be LEGENDARY and it was nothing short of that. I wrote to you that morning about the night before and the lab we had a few minutes before. After getting off d Internet we went off to to have the Turkish Bath (Hamam).

It was quite an experience, as it was my first. The alternating feeling of very cold and freaking hot water did give my body the therapy needed. I also had the kese* – where I got scrubbed by some dude. It was I was actually tortured with the sponge, but you should see the dirt out of me skins 🙂 We also had the chilling time all wrapped up in huge towel and drinking lemonade – best i have ever tasted. After all I felt very clean and even white – like MJ* 😛

It was also Monika’s birthday and it was a surprise for her. It was awesome with the cake and bling blings (: Lots of paparazzi too. But that was not the peak of it all. I got to see the long lost Godze who was away for a while at another chilling spot before we set out for the Karaoke night at the Club – Up n Down. It was our third visit and some of us gave renditions. It was a fantastic night and it happened too 😉
We went back to the dorm to have a long rest till almost mid-day of the next and it was time to say goodbye. It was so hard for me to leave but one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do. I had a 4hr train ride to Istanbul where I met Kaya n Ulku. Had dinner and headed for the airport.

Now I’m at kibris. I got in around 1.00 am and took my first midterm exam at 8.30am and it was quite ok. Amma stop here for now. Wanna thank LC Eskisehir and all the participant for making the event quite a success and awesome for me. Tesekur Ederim

Happuna! Kibrisness!

MJ – micheal Jackson
Kese – scrubbing

Written by Nubi Kayode

April 24, 2009 at 11:00

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