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Eskişehır – The Paşa is here: let the games begin

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The journey from the island was one that I hope took a split second but no ıt wasn’t. It took me more than I expected as I had to take the bus from Ankara (Flight destination) to Eskişehır, which was my final destination. But It was definitely worth ıt! I am here Eskişehır! Paşa is here! The weather ıs fair awaiting my arrıval, a balance between Poseidon and Zeus to favour Odysseus.

Settled into the cosy accommodation right ın the center of Eskişehır. Met with the guys from other LCs. Some included – Monıca and Marjan from Macedonıa; Kım from South Korea; Alı from Ankara. Also met with the old faces – Erdem, Gıray, Sanıye, Yığt and Merve. Dıd I mention I had a convoy come pıck me up from the bus statıon. Well a convoy of just one car with 3 personnel – The Chauffeur, The Navigator and The Bodyguard 😛

Hey! I dıd have a nıce tıme ın Ankara too for a few hours with Cınar and her cousin who I stıll find difficult to comprehend her age – She defınıtely looks way younger than her age. Shhhh! Well we got some Ice Cream and people were literarily stirring at me – As ıf ı was Akon 😛 Same here ın Eskişehır. But It comes with the territory or the skin color (I’m a Nıgga rite?)

Well last the night was perfecto with the highlight from our vısıt to the Up ‘n Down and the song – Easier to Run by Linkin Park as ıt really addressed my situatıon 😛 OK people I have to run now for Lunch. I’ll keep you Updated with tıme.

Happuna! eestecness!

Written by Nubi Kayode

April 20, 2009 at 11:44

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