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Pretty Precarious; Certainly Conscious

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You know sometimes one gets to see somethings’ end before it even began, and most of the time we know nothing we do can change the future. Yet, we try so hard to see another picture from the painting standing right in front of us. We just say in our minds, “It is difficult but not impossible”. Yeah that’s the duel – The Unachievable versus The Possibility or better still, Probability. We see how things should be, how they have always been, but still hold on to a string of hope, a string of exception, a string of mutual exclusive probability – where one event does not depend on the other.

We see the bridge right in front of us. Looking up, we see the victory flag on the other side, and it’s like “Yes! Go for it!” but then at the first step on the old wooden bridge, you can’t seem to take you mind off the fact that it could chatter right under your weary feet. With each step, the journey looks longer; with every step, the bridge gets weaker. It goes on and on, with an alternating view of reality and dreams. The former shows you are not going to make it. It shows that the bridge either gives up on you and breaks apart or that you give on the bridge and turn back to safety. The latter shows you that you could be as light as a feather and walk through or you if the bridge fails, you could grow wings and fly across.

These views keep coming until the breaking point. This point is at the middle of the bridge. There you stand in total silence, nothing but streams of thoughts flowing through your head. The bridge behind is weak now, but you are not certain of the one ahead of you. You try to reach out for the flag as if it moved half way forward too – but it still there and out of reach. And at the flash of a camera’s bulb, all is calm and it dawns on you. It took you getting half-way to realize it. The fear of the bridge was infinitesimal to the savor of victory. The reason you got mid-way was the faith you had, the fate you believed in and the strength that lied within both. And with all those elements still dominant especially at this time of realization, you forge ahead. It seems Pretty Precarious, but you Certainly Conscious…………….

Happuna! Victoriness!


Written by Nubi Kayode

April 9, 2009 at 07:07

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