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Life’s too short! I know that’s something you’ve heard already, if not for tens or hundreds of times. But it’s the gospel-truth! Today, you saying “hos geldiniz” and the next you saying “sonra gorusuruz”. So we got limited time and with it comes unlimited number of things we can do with it.

I often complain of my life being a routine. But I got to see it was me that made it so. Your life is a function of what you make it to be and not the other way around. You just gotta add a little spice and shake things up. For example – I’ve decided to play tennis at least once a week at the recreational park. 😉 – do join me if you have a tennis racket. 

So my dear readers 😛 You gotta have to change things a little to have something different. As they say – “only a foolish man does the same thing and expect different results”, – not considering divine intervention or an act of the Big Guy Up there :D. So add a little spice and enjoy life to the fullest.

Good luck Turkiye in the match against Espanol – World cup qualifiers.

Happuna! Spicyness.

hos geldiniz – welcome
sonra gorusuruz – see you later
Turkiye – Turkey
Espanol – Spain

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 28, 2009 at 23:09

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