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   I got a problem and it’s got to do with the dynamics of….. for the English people 😛 – the dynamism of the heart. I got lots of crushes (not abnormal), but it’s difficult for me to separate a crush from a potential relationship. Most of the people I got crushes on don’t know ( or maybe they do, but I don’t know that they know :D) But the ones I get to meet sometimes put me in that dilemma of knowing if it’s just a crush or a potential relationship.

People ask me – Do you have a girlfriend and I say “NO” and it’s like WTH! or if it’s a girl – ” Hmmm, why are you lying?” 😛 I get that a lot. But the real deal is that I really find it hard to move from d crush stage to the dating stage, especially if there is a long time frame in between. I prefer just knowing you, getting a crush and making a approach immediately ( more like a crash program), but when it’s beginning to turn into some long-thingy, it becomes “complicated”

That’s why I get to love more than one person at a time ( yeah I know they say it’s impossible), but that’s just the truth. It don’t mean I have to have a relationship with all of them. For clarity sake – let’s just say I have alot of crushes at a time ( don’t want to lessen the weight of the L word). So, if I got a crush on you and you know and it’s been taking too long, I’m stuck! Come, free me.

P.S: Remember Goldie? I met reddie today, kinda a +1 crush I suppose 😉

Happuna! Crushiness

WTH – What the hell!
L word – “Love”

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 25, 2009 at 23:54

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