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Goldie – makes gold a common stone

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I really thought gold was reserved for the royal bloodline until she turned it into a common stone. She’s not the lady with the eyes of hazel, neither is she the one with the fascinating identity. She’s different in every way except sharing a first name with the “eye of hazel”. It was first her golden wristwatch the day we met for the first time. I just couldn’t help looking at it again and again…. i think it must have been a Rolex. Gold strapping around her golden skin. As if it were not enough for the abuse of this precious metal, she had the horns plated in white gold. omfg!

Well it was a gold item – What’s the big deal? So I thought, until i saw her today. She really turned gold into a common metal – a stone by the way side. She had the watch again today but accompanied by a golden locket around her neck. But it sure was gold 😛 Then I though what more gold could one have – a watch, a locket, ones skin … hmmm… and there it was again… her hair. Yeah! Her hair was golden ( also known as Blondie) ;). All of this a base of black gold as an apparel.

I came to see myself look for something that was not golden and there it was – her pair of converse shoes, but again who wouldn’t call any pair of converse golden? So there you have it readers. Meet Goldie – the lady who makes gold’s value same as kebap.

Happuna! Goldieness.

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 24, 2009 at 21:17

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