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Fascinating Identity

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…she walks so softly and quietly that you’ll never know she’s coming or just passed you by. I try to initiate a conversation but all that happened was an exchange of quick glances. She is of a different proportion when it comes to height – I, as the reference. But not withstanding, she’s endowed accordingly. 

Why now? It took this long to see her as a personality. It took this long to have a see-through of her fascinating identity. I said it before, the little things are important, so are the little people. She’s caught me. I’m trapped in her world. I don’t mind hanging around for as long as possible, to explore her fascinating identity. I could leave anytime I want. “Just tell me if you want to go” she said.

But do I want to? She’s got a fascinating identity and a seal just above her waist to confirm it. I am going to hang out here a little longer. But I’ll sure leave when the time is right, ‘cos its just a fascinating identity.

So whats the catch for you? 😛 I met some girl with a fascinating identity. Don’t even know her name. I wish you find what you looking for – that person with the fascinating identity.

Happuna! Fascinationess

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 23, 2009 at 22:03

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