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Ur Head n Ur Heart

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Yeah…this is a topic a lot of us have come across one time or the other. We say the heart is the seat of every emotion and the head helps make the decision. But I just can’t agree no more. I believe both work hand in hand and therefore, play a role in both areas of emotions and decision.

Don’t wanna preach, but I think for every relationship to work; every task to be successful; every action to be right, both the heart and head need to be used 101%. Why I am talking about this? Here is why. I am in the middle of something right now. I got to make a decision that has to do with my emotions. Did u read that? This issue has to do with “decision” and “emotions” so it’s just important to use my Head and Heart for this. 😉

So what’s the issue? Go Figure! But here is something for you all. For every decision you wanna make – whether one that has to do with your emotions or decision or even both, make sure you use both Ur head n Ur heart. Using one or none of them, could result in consequences and you using the regret phrase “Had I have known.” So there you have it – always check with your head (brain) and then your heart(mind) or vice versa :P, and if it’s right, don’t hesitate to move on, but if wrong – don’t even try it, ‘cos u’d regret it!

Happuna! Happiness

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 22, 2009 at 23:02

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