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Thirst for power

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Power! Everybody wants power. I often ask myself – “which is better, Money or Power?” But then, there is a common saying – “Money is Power” even the good book says “Money answereth all things.” But I am not talking of money today but POWER!

I saw a fight for power tonight. The vibes in the room was hot, but it sure didn’t stop the pizza on the table from getting cold from the frequent opening and closing of the eatery’s door. I saw guys hustle for a seat already filled. Well I cant say if I’m sure of all I’m saying as it was in another tongue.

Nevertheless, I don’t really see the hustle for power. A honest pay is far better than one gotten from the sweats of others. I am not saying don’t wish to be powerful but I’d rather be successful and it sure would have power tagged along; to being powerful and yet not accomplished in anything one can point at. 😉

So what’s for you readers today? Get your power the right way or it you might just be putting your hand in doomsday 😛 Better still, Act Right! Work hard! Be good! Success with power won’t be far from ya.

HAPPUNA! Powerness

Written by Nubi Kayode

March 20, 2009 at 23:36

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