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What’s Happuna?

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First things First! You have to know what the word means right. Well don’t try checking a dictionary, an encyclopedia ‘cos it’s not there. Google it! – Sorry it’s not there either (well except for here :D)

The word is coined out, or better still is derived after the word “happen” underwent metamorphosis. This doesn’t mean the word “happen” is same as “happuna”

During the process of change, it gained more meaning. So what more did it have? “Happuna simply means – What’s happening to ya! Or the more used form – Whats up! But then it’s response is different from other synonymic forms.

When you get to hear this “Happuna!”, you actually feeling something right before or in a state of mind, so all you gotta do is add the “ness” or get the –ness format of the word and give it as a response to the inquiry 😀

Here’s a sample:

Nuri : Happuna

Cansu: Happiness

Happiness is the most common response – kinda like the equivalent as “I’m fine” or “I’m good.” But there are also responses as Sad+ness, Tired+ness. Now not all word take the “ness” form, but if the inquiry is “Happuna”, you are allowed to break the grammar rule and coin out the ness form of the word you feel

Here’s a sample:

Onur: Happuna

Koray: Hungerness (Here, Koray is hungry)

So that’s it folks. Happuna!


Written by Nubi Kayode

March 17, 2009 at 06:10

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