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Wow! Today kinda had a rough closing. Hmmm, my first big misunderstanding with a very close friend. Who is to blame? I wish I could tell. But sometimes we get to have different perspectives to things we see, say, hear or feel. 

I could just feel the tension in the air – adrenalin pumping through my veins. I wish I could address the situation differently or that it never occurred. But then the show must go on. I wish to resolve this ASAP! I hope I’ve started by not venturing into the art of keeping malice 😛 

Although these things come as if they are to break us, we can find the strength in them and make our relationships stronger. 

Happuna K! I’m sorry for any misconduct and hope we cool. 

For the rest of you reading, Do take misunderstanding as a tool to strengthen your relationships. We must fight as friends. If you got a friend and have never had any misunderstanding, oh my – check again or it’s definitely gonna happen soon. So brace yourself.



Written by Nubi Kayode

March 17, 2009 at 17:52

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